My son, being the thoughtful, but quirky guy he is, gave me a Bob Ross decal somewhat as a joke. We do enjoy Bob’s style, and my youngest even explored painting along with him while the middle son was still at home. So it was a bit of a running gag among us saying lines from the show like something was a happy little accident or that some happy little [something] lives over here.

I kept it over the years, intending at some point to do something with it, but not sure what. Until…

I got a Pontiac Vibe. I love my little car, and the youngest and I decided that Bob’s Good Vibes Only sentiment definitely needed to live on the back of our car. I trimmed off the “happy painting” text, cut a white border for Bob’s head so it would read properly on the window, and set up the “Good Vibes Only” text in a pleasing, appropriate font. The addition of a Bob Ross signature made for a perfect finishing touch.

I think good things come from waiting for the right moment to use a thing. At least that is what I’m telling myself about this and the MANY other projects I have in the works but just haven’t gotten around to finishing. Ha!